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Are you a working adult with kids or a tight schedule?

If so, online learning is perfect for you

  • Synchronous Classes

    Take classes on your schedule

    We know you're busy and that's why many of our classes can be taken whenever and wherever you are. There is no need to change your work schedule to attend most courses.

  • Same Faculty

    Learn from on-campus faculty

    The faculty teaching online courses at Open SUNY schools are the exact same award winning professors that teach classes to our on-campus students.

  • Prior Learning Assessment

    Credit for Prior Knowledge

    Many of our degrees offer credit based on your existing knowledge because we believe you should get credit for experience that you have already gained at school or in the workforce.

Kimberly Lane

I was a bit apprehensive at first because I knew online classes require that you motivate yourself, but after this experience, I will always choose online if possible. I think there are so many benefits.

Kimberly Lane, Clinical Laboratory Technician Online Program, Class of 2013