HIST 3590-01 - Hip Hop America: The Evolution of a Cultural Movement

How do history and Hip Hop connect? This course explores that question through a study of Hip Hop in the U.S. The course will begin with a look at the 1970's Bronx, where Hip Hop originated, and will then journey across New York City and the United States, exploring how the beats and breaks of the Bronx evolved into both an artistic genre as well as a political and cultural movement. We will study 1) the social conditions of the 1970's Bronx that enabled the emergence of Hip Hop; 2) the 1980's growth of the genre through the commercialization of rap; 3) the early 21st century uses of Hip Hop as a vehicle for political organizing, education, community outreach, and entrepreneurialism in cities across the U.S.; 4) the challenge of balancing the political potential of Hip Hop against the commercial context of popular arts; and 5) the harnessing of Hip Hop by churches and other religious organizations as a vehicle for personal uplift and empowerment. This course was previously HIS-243554 Hip-Hop America: The Evolution of a Cultural Movement.
Subject: History
General Education Area(s): American History
Dates: September 3, 2019 — December 13, 2019
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information