HIST 4005-01 - Mad Men Mad Women: History of Women in the Twentieth Century

This course will examine the history of women in the 1960s using the visual narrative of AMC’s Emmy Award-winning show, Mad Men. The backdrop – a fictional Madison Avenue advertising firm in March 1960 – on its surface seems to be a story of the “mad men”. Yet, a central focus of the show is the evolution of women’s lives in this dynamic period of American History. We will examine the transformation of the lives of women examining historical primary source materials. Some of these themes include: Women in pre war and postwar America, “the problem with no name”, women’s changing landscape in the workplace and the home, the sexual revolution, and the rise of feminism.
Subject: History
General Education Area(s): American History, Arts
Dates: September 3, 2019 — December 13, 2019
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information