HIST 2025-01 - US History to 1865: What Does it Mean to be a Free Nation?

What was life like for the first European colonists? What were the ideas, events and actions that led to the American Revolution? What did the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution mean to the people who wrote it? How did the idea of liberty and the practice of slavery develop and co-exist? What was it like to be a woman, an immigrant, a slave, or a poor worker in America’s formative years? This course will explore such questions. In doing so, we will meet and hear the voices of a diverse group of people ranging from well-known figures such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington to others who by law and custom were excluded from the political process but still made a significant impact upon our nation’s history and identity. This course was previously HIS-241214 U.S. History to 1865: What Does It Mean To Be A Free Nation?.
Subject: History
General Education Area(s): American History
Dates: September 3, 2019 — December 13, 2019
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information