HIS 137-OLA - Native Americans

Offered by: Nassau / Community College | Fall 2019

A survey of Native peoples in United States history and popular culture, from contact to the present. Emphasis centers on comparing and contrasting the different Native American groups in the United States; their respective responses over time to the influx of peoples from outside the western hemisphere, and the developing relationship between these groups and what became the dominant political and social U.S. institutions and people. There will be a special emphasis on indigenous peoples of Long Island particularly and New York generally. In addition, this course will look at the ever-changing images and/or stereotypes of Native Americans in U.S. culture.
Prerequisite(s): Completion of RDG 001 and/or RDG 002.
Subject: History
General Education Area(s): Social Sciences, American History
Dates: September 3, 2019 — December 23, 2019
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information