MATH 117-1028 - College Quantitative Reasoning | ARCHIVED

Offered by: Westchester / Community College | Winter 2018-19

A course in quantitative literacy designed for students in Liberal Arts, Social Science, and Humanities. Emphasis will be on the practical aspects of mathematics. Topics include: non-traditional problem solving techniques, personal finance utilizing a graphing calculator organizing and analyzing data, the Normal Curve, methods of counting, applications of elementary probability, and mathematical research on the Internet. Written projects are required in one or more of the following areas: analysis of a stock market portfolio, a statistical case study, and historical topics related to mathematics. Notes: Specific graphics calculator required; wait until first day of class before purchasing.
Subject: Mathematics
General Education Area(s): Mathematics
Dates: December 26, 2018 — January 11, 2019
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information