PHIL 160-1013 - Ethics | ARCHIVED

Offered by: Westchester / Community College | Winter 2018-19

This course explores moral philosophy through the classic writings of such thinkers as Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Hobbes, Hume, Kant, Mill, and Sartre. Through these, and many other contemporary readings, students are introduced to the major ethical theories of utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, natural law theory, social contract theory, egoism, and relativism. Students also learn to what extent these theories may be compatible and in what areas they are in opposition. The theories studied in the first half of the semester are then applied to a variety of contemporary moral conflicts including abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, environmental issues, stem cell research, cloning, genetics, terrorism, and a variety of global issues.
Subject: Philosophy
General Education Area(s): Humanities
Dates: December 26, 2018 — January 11, 2019
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information