HSERV 200-86023 - Ethnic and Cultural Diversity

Offered by: Westchester / Community College | Fall 2019

This course is designed to provide students with an orientation to inter-group relations that are grounded in economic, political, psychological and sociological theories and concepts. The beginning of the course focuses on developing a framework for examining different theoretical concepts that help in understanding minority group experiences. It then focuses on different strategies for accomplishing change. Finally it focuses on current issues and problems facing the major minority groups in the US today (African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, American Indians, Women, GBLT, and the disabled). Emphasis is placed on self-examination, understanding the diversity of the American experience and embracing multiculturalism.
Subject: Human Services
General Education Area(s): Social Sciences
Dates: September 3, 2019 — December 16, 2019
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information