PHYSC 168-14712 - The Solar System Lab

Offered by: Westchester / Community College | Spring 2020

Students will learn how to think like a scientist - they will collect and analyze data from a variety of solar system data sources to answer research questions. Topics/data sources include the characteristics of planets and moons in our solar system, impact cratering, planets around stars other than the Sun (exoplanets), geologic features on the moon, and more. Note: This is an optional 1-credit lab to accompany PHYSC 167- The Solar System. Students who need a science with a lab should register for both PYHSC 167 and PHYSC 168; students who do not need or want a lab should just register for PHYSC 167.
Subject: Physical Science
General Education Area(s): Natural Sciences
Dates: January 21, 2020 — May 11, 2020
Books and Materials: Books and Materials Information